Discover a Different Kind of Guest Ranch

Rocky Mountain Elk

Frank Church Wilderness and Salmon River

One of the spectacular view from the ranch

Trail Rides

Ride the trails on one of North Americas most scenic ranches.

The Seven Devil's Mountain Range, just one of the many great view from the Lodge

Looking for something unique? Secluded on a mountaintop, Mountain View Ranch is a 6,000 acre working elk and buffalo ranch located in the middle of Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains. This is not your typical dude ranch. Here you won’t find strict itineraries, crowds of people, the sound of a passing car or even the ringing of a cell phone. What you will find is spectacular scenery, Magnificent Rocky Mountain Elk, Massive plains buffalo, legendary whitewater, authentic western hospitality and true backcountry solitude. If you have ever wanted to get away from it all, this is the place. Here you will get unmatched individual attention and the ability to personalize your experience however you see fit, all while enjoying the beauty and seclusion of Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains. So ride, raft, relax, tour one of North America’s most scenic ranches and treat yourself to a unique western adventure.

Whitewater Rafting on Idaho's Legendary Salmon River

Spend a day relaxing on the river and enjoy the spectacular scenery while experiencing Idaho’s legendary whitewater. Our full day rafting trip covers approximately 20 miles of the main Salmon River. With the great scenery, experienced guides and awesome whitewater this could possibly be the perfect family adventure.

Trail Rides

Everything in life looks a little better from the back of a horse. So climb on and let us take you on a trail ride through some of the most beautiful country you have ever seen. Remember that Mountain View is a family run ranch and we can cater to your level of experience. The extensive road system on the ranch allows even the most novice rider to experience some of Idaho’s rugged terrain. For the more experienced rider we can hit the trail and see where it takes us.

Jeep and ATV tours

Tour one of North Americas most scenic ranches from the seat of a jeep or ATV. The Salmon River canyon is Beautiful in the summertime and the birds and wildlife are plentiful. The pure ruggedness of the canyon is hard to put into words and has to be seen to be appreciated. Our extensive road system on the ranch allows us to cover miles upon miles of Idaho’s rugged terrain.

Elk and Bison

Join us on our summer feeding program and put yourself and your camera just a few feet away from huge Rocky mountain elk and Massive plains bison. You will have the opportunity to photograph elk and bison calves, rocky mountain elk with massive antlers and enormous Buffalo on our ranch along the Salmon River and on our Historic May Neil Basin homestead.
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